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My mother will probably call me a bridezilla. Since the day Ken and Barbie tied the knot in my parent’s basement, I have thought about my own wedding, the location, the dress, to whom, and the diamond. I have some high expectations of this day, but they fall short compared to the expectations that I had for the diamond. Before I worked in the industry or attended GIA to become a graduate gemologist, my ideas on what I had to have in a diamond where outrageous. I wanted what I thought then was an Ideal diamond. The highest quality, flawless, internally flawless, or I would have settled for VVS1 with some reluctance. As you might have already guessed if the clarity had to be perfect so did color, cut, and as for carat weight, I wanted nothing short of two carats. Now that I am a gemologist, have my expectations changed? Most definitely!

Obviously, at that time I was not thinking about the expense. The young naïve me was thinking that in order to have the largest, brightest, and whitest diamond possible, I had to have excellent in every category of the four C’s. Now for those who want excellent in every category there is nothing wrong with that. However, I still have not found Mr. Right, I am not sure what his budget will look like, and I want the largest and brightest diamond that is available to me. Here is how I plan on and recommend going about getting the best diamond for your buck.

Personally, I am a romantic at heart, so the idea that my engagement would be a total surprise, appeals to me, but receiving a ring that is not at all what I wanted is not. Before any big event, it is important to have a game plan, and when purchasing a diamond there is no exception. Ladies, men are not mind readers, so we have to coach them in what we want. You and Mr. Right need to create a strategy for your game plan.

My hope is that this blog will help my friends and other readers make informed purchasing decisions.


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